Starting the Year with a Splash

“Hey Riley, we want to go to the Aquarium with your kids. You can come too if you want… but you don’t have to… we really just want the cute ones…” Unspoken truth for Nana and Papa.

Dear Lily and Jax,

Nana and Papa had a great idea for the beginning of this year. They took us (including Jacob and Melia) to the Aquarium. After I picked you up from your mom’s house, it was off to the wondrous deep and man did was it a splash.

We got to see so much more than just fish though. The Living Planet Aquarium had jungle creatures, a butterfly room, otters, and probably my favorite were the penguins. 

Lily was in love with the Jellyfish room and if I hadn’t been able to pull her away, I think she’d still be in there pretending to swim on the blue floor.

Jax on the other hand was amazed by everything he saw. He loved seeing the next thing. I think Jax probably got more out of the aquarium than Lily and I put together. And I love it.

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