Monthly Moment’s Before the New Year

Jax and Lily,

I know that you are with your mom tonight and I know you are probably enjoying a cool movie and some delicious food. In a life where everything seems to change for you, a “new year” might not seem like much. I guess it isn’t until the end of the year where you can see the change. I want to give a challenge to the both of you.

So many people are looking forward that they often forget to take stock of what they did the last year. My challenge to you two is that every year, before you make a new year’s resolution, you spend a good amount of time looking at your last year. Go month by month if needed, to see what you’ve done.

I’ve put in a little calendar for you to take note of something special you have done every month, or a struggle you have had. Anything that it is, I want you to at least write it down so next year you can base what your goals are on.

I know that Jax’s speech has grown so much. Lily, you have gained the personality of a teddy bear with a temper. I love to cuddle you but I also know that when you’re mad, you’ll throw your fits.

This last year, there have been a few things that I’ve been really proud of, but the biggest moments right now for me have been moving out, have a steady job, and continuing learning about websites and what I can do with them.

I love you both and I can’t want to see what you do this next year (school, sports? and stories).



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