Dumb Dad Jokes

This page is an ode to bad jokes from far and wide. If you have a joke that you want to submit, please e-mail me 

Did you hear about the farmer in the earthquake?

He looked out at his field and it was completely warped and he thought....

Isn't that a plot twist?

What did the overly excited Gardener do when Spring came?

He wet his plants

Why did the mommy jalapeño make the baby jalapeño wear a jacket?

Because he was a little chili

Did you hear about the explosion at the pi factory?

3.14 People died

What does a butcher get when he backs into a meat grinder?

Just a little behind in his work

What do you call it when Batman skips church?

Christian Bail

2 fish were in a tank

One said to the other:

You man the guns, I'll drive

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