Catboy, Cars, and Cribs

Jax and Lily, 

This Christmas was one to remember. I had you for so much of the splendid holiday and I was so happy about it.

We spent a lot of time with Nana and Papa this break and I loved it. The first thing that I have ingrained in my memory is Lily asking consistently for “Christmas Poppy” (the Trolls Holiday Special). I think it is safe to say that I can quote from memory most of this movie, but if I were to do that, it would only lead to Lily demanding we watch it again (and again and again…). 

Ward Christmas Party Santa

Playing with Cousin Molly

Sleepy Grumpy Lily

After realizing that Lily can now climb out, over and fall out of her crib (I wish I can say you only did this once) we took down the front rail and now you have a toddler bed which you climb out of and Jax wants to sleep in (more than his own bed). 

We went ice skating with the family (Jax went, Lily watched) and Jax seemed to do well inithe beginning but after a while was worried about falling. So that was cut a little short. 

We had a great Christmas Sacrament meeting where you were gifted little notepads and pencils to draw (I think this gift was more for me than you) and Christmas eve we opened most of the gifts.

Jax, you love opening gifts (even if they aren’t yours). You were the happiest little Santa’s helper I’ve seen. You especially were curious about Daddy’s present and Molly’s present (big boxes draw little eyes). 

Now, I know Nana and Papa got you guys a new car (I will not make a habit of this) but I think you both liked sitting in it more than driving it. But as it started to snow, it was super cute to hear jax announce “IT’S CHRISTMAS”

After wrestling you both to bed, Lily decided to wake up @ 1:30 and stay awake until 4:30 (Santa had a very hard time stopping by because she was awake for so long). 

I know that every parent jokes about their kids racing to the presents to check if Santa came, but that’s exactly what Jax did. But he didn’t open them. No, he waited sweetly until Daddy and Lily came down as well.

Jax knew right away that he got a watch, but he was so excited to see all his gifts that it was hard to focus on just one. Lily (super sleep and kinda grumpy) also enjoyed opening her gifts and seeing her peppa pig and candy (which she promptly devoured).

It’s a New Car!

Obligatory Awkward Family Photo

After everything that has been said and done. I wanted to let you know how much I loved Christmas with you. Even though I was tired, even though you kept me up, and even though I was forced to watch one of the craziest holiday specials of all time. I love you guys so much and I hope you always remember that.


Sincerely, Dad


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