Dear Kids,

There are so many parts of my life that I wish I could do differently. As I’ve thought about the winding and steep path I’ve walked, I couldn’t ask for better travelers than you two. You’ve put the shine into my sun, the spring into my step, the warmth into my heart. 

There are so many things that I see and do with you two, I had to write it down. I know it may be a while before either of you will understand how to read this, but I hope that when you do, you know that this is the closest window into my heart because it is about you.


Recent Ramblings

  • Peace At Emerald Pond

    PEACE AT EMERALD POND -Riley Spear (Dad) Once upon a time, there was a small village that lay at the head of the of a river where they split in two named the Riverhead. To its back rose the Saw Jaw mountain range. It was a quiet village and the citizens, for the most part, were friendly and kind to each other. They rarely had visitors because the rivers ran away from the village, and the climb over the mountains was always treacherous except for one month in the summer. This month was designated the month for sharing, because travelers and traders, storytellers and entertainers would come from across the globe to visit the Riverhead Village. They brought with them their best clothes and...
  • Starting the Year with a Splash

    "Hey Riley, we want to go to the Aquarium with your kids. You can come too if you want... but you don't have to... we really just want the cute ones..." Unspoken truth for Nana and Papa. Dear Lily and Jax, Nana and Papa had a great idea for the beginning of this year. They took us (including Jacob and Melia) to the Aquarium. After I picked you up from your mom's house, it was off to the wondrous deep and man did was it a splash. We got to see so much more than just fish though. The Living Planet Aquarium had jungle creatures, a butterfly room, otters, and probably my favorite were the penguins. Lily was in love with the Jellyfish room and...
  • Monthly Moment’s Before the New Year

    Jax and Lily, I know that you are with your mom tonight and I know you are probably enjoying a cool movie and some delicious food. In a life where everything seems to change for you, a "new year" might not seem like much. I guess it isn't until the end of the year where you can see the change. I want to give a challenge to the both of you. So many people are looking forward that they often forget to take stock of what they did the last year. My challenge to you two is that every year, before you make a new year's resolution, you spend a good amount of time looking at your last year. Go month by...
  • Catboy, Cars, and Cribs

    Jax and Lily, This Christmas was one to remember. I had you for so much of the splendid holiday and I was so happy about it. We spent a lot of time with Nana and Papa this break and I loved it. The first thing that I have ingrained in my memory is Lily asking consistently for "Christmas Poppy" (the Trolls Holiday Special). I think it is safe to say that I can quote from memory most of this movie, but if I were to do that, it would only lead to Lily demanding we watch it again (and again and again...). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydDfcn7dwhA Ward Christmas Party Santa Playing with Cousin Molly Sleepy Grumpy Lily After realizing that Lily can now climb out, over and fall out of...

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